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1-2-1 Coaching

Support for individuals who are feeling stuck in life, are in need of clarity and a safe place where to discuss the challenges they are facing.
What is coaching?


Coaching is a discipline that enables people to explore the core of a problem and overcome self-limiting beliefs, mental barriers and challenges that they are facing.

The way in which we see and perceive the world is affected by a variety of filters that we apply to life as it unfolds. This is done at an unconscious level which means that generating awareness of how we perceive the world can be eye opening and the catalyst for change.

It is important to note that coaching is not classed as therapy, and it is not the correct remedy to heal trauma. In simple terms, coaching is an effective way of getting help when feeling stuck in life, at work or in a relationship because it helps individuals move from where they are to where they want to be. Counselling and psychotherapy are there to help individuals overcome traumatic experiences and heal their past to live a happier life.

How does coaching work?

A coach will typically work with a client for several sessions to help them generate the change that they wish to create in their life. A typical program lasts 6 sessions, but different circumstances may require different durations.


A typical coaching session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and, at first, the coach’s role is to see the client’s problem through their client’s eyes. A coach will then use a variety of tools and coaching techniques to enable their client to reflect on their own perspective before exploring alternative points of view. A coach does not express opinions or provide advice, but they are there to challenge their client’s thinking with the purpose of breaking down self-limiting beliefs and finding strategies to overcome their problems.

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What if coaching is not for me?

Upon initial contact, I will arrange a free consultation to understand what challenges you are facing and to ensure that coaching is the appropriate solution for you. If during the initial consultation it transpires that therapy is more appropriate to solve your problem, I will point it out and signpost you to the relevant options that are available outside of my organisation. This is in accordance with the Coaching Code of Conduct and Wren Coaching & Wellbeing values.

How can coaching help me?

I have been blessed to work with several individuals and groups on a variety of different topics and problems. Here are some of typical challenges that I have helped people overcome:

•    Confidence
•    Self-esteem
•    Separation from a partner
•    Dealing with pressure
•    Dealing with anxiety
•    Dealing with stress
•    Perfectionism
•    Self-care
•    Wellbeing

Image by Tim Foster
How much does coaching cost?


My coaching package costs £600 for 6 sessions and it includes 3 months of my online mindfulness and relaxation monthly subscription.
Individual coaching sessions are available at a cost of £120.

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