Personal Coaching in Colne

Investing in your own wellbeing by taking small steps to a happier you


Can you think of a problem you experienced that seemed insurmountable at first but that, somehow, you managed to get through? Did you know then that you would get through it? Were you aware of the strength you already had within you?

Sometimes, all we need is some headspace and a different perspective and a whole new world opens up in front of us!

My coaching programs are based on a holistic approach. They are aimed at those who wish to regain a good life balance, let go of stress and pressure and focus on what really matters to them. I also offer online relaxation and wellbeing sessions for those in need of some “me” time.

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Life Coaching Program

My life coaching program is specifically designed for busy people who are so used to driving on an empty tank that they are afraid to stop.

My program focuses on stopping, even if just during our sessions at first, understanding what is happening around and inside you and focussing on the things and people that really matter to you.

Program overview:

  1. Discovery session

  2. Pressure and stress

  3. Relationship with self

  4. Values and beliefs

  5. Happiness and wellbeing

  6. Stepping stones

Coaching releases the strength and resilience that you already hold within you, no matter what your background is. My coaching sessions provide a safe and confidential environment where you can reflect and explore.


A course typically consists of 6 one hour sessions.

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Wellbeing Coaching Program

Create the foundations for sustainable change by joining me on a wellbeing program.


My holistic approach means that you will look at your wellbeing from an emotional, physical and spiritual point of view.

You will take the time to understand what wellbeing means to you and you will take stock of where you are.

Once you have built your foundations and deepened your understanding, you will then decide on what changes you want to make and create a sustainable plan.

A course typically consists of 6 one hour sessions.

Just Relax Online Group Class


Treat yourself to some inner calm and feel the stress melt away.


Are you feeling like you are travelling at 70 miles an hour all the time? Are you struggling to slow down and find some time to just be rather than do? Are you suffering from feeling stressed and under pressure or are you just in need of some support to be able to be present and live more mindfully?

My mindfulness and relaxation Just Relax group gives you the opportunity to slow down for 1 hour every week and is suitable for all abilities.

We meet online, on Zoom, every Monday night, and each month I introduce a different theme such as dealing with stress, stilling the mind, or finding your inner peace.


Classes are 1 hour long, and they take you through seven tailored steps to relax body and mind, moving you from high energy to low energy:

  • Dance – We always start our session by dancing to some “feel good tunes” for up to 5 minutes. This is to release the stress of the day – you don’t have to be on camera on for this step if you don’t feel comfortable.

  • GROUP CHAT – This is the step where I get the opportunity to inject some group coaching into our session by facilitating a chat about the monthly topic that we are exploring. It is highly beneficial as it helps attendees see that they are not lonely with their feelings by sharing their experiences in a safe environment.

  • STRETCH – This is the step where we prepare our body to relax with some basic stretching exercises.

  • MASSAGE – This step is all about relaxing the body further and offering ourselves some loving kindness.

  • BREATHE – We practice breathing exercises which can later be used to handle stressful situations as well as to relax in the sessions.

  • BELIEVE – This step is about improving our relationship with ourselves. It teaches about affirmation and having a positive inner dialogue.

  • RELAX – 2 back-to-back visualisations based on the topic that we are exploring.

Improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, boost self esteem, aid concentration, reduce anger and frustration, improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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Vision Boards Workshop

My vision board workshop enables you to unleash your creativity and create a vision of what you want to achieve in your future.

They are a great source of inspiration, motivation and pure energy.

The workshop can be run online as a group or as an individual.

A 2-hour online workshop

Clarity Walks

Have you ever experienced clarity of thought when not actually thinking?


By going on a walk around the countryside and talking about what you may or may not have on your mind, Clarity walks are an excellent way of increasing your fitness level whilst also bringing clarity of thought.

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Family Time

Family Coaching

Anxiety, lack of self-belief, lack of calm or lack of feeling in control are often present in our lives and not only affect children and adults but they can lead to difficult family dynamics.

The family coaching course is based on a mixture of coaching, mentoring and mindfulness techniques. My aim is to connect with you as a family, understand your dynamics and current difficulties and create the right conditions for you to have insights and make changes in your life, together.

I will facilitate a change process to lead parents and children to that calm that resides in all of us.

Each week, there will be an individual  session with parents and separate session with your child(ren). Between each meeting I take reflection time, to assess progress, evaluate what is working well for you and your family and tailor the next session to your needs.

A course typically consists of 6 weekly one-hour sessions for you and weekly one hour sessions for your child(ren).