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COVID-19 Our home test for the kids: an inspiring story!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It’s very late tonight, or maybe very early in the morning, but I wanted to capture something that happened today before I go to bed!

We had to do a Covid-19 test for our 5 years old daughter and 9 years old son today – Chiara and Matteo.

They were both apprehensive about the prospect but didn’t show it too much during the day. When the time to do the test came this afternoon, I took Chiara upstairs and my husband helped Matteo.

Chiara looked at me and said “Mamma, my legs are feeling a bit weird, they are shaky”. I explained to Chiara that it was because she was a bit nervous about the test but that it was going to be fine. She started crying and feeling upset about doing the test. I felt so sorry for her, my little girl experiencing so many side effects of growing up during a pandemic… but before my thoughts even had a chance to go any further, something amazing happened!

Chiara began to do deep breathing exercises, the ones that I have taught her in the mindfulness classes I run for children. Within less than two minutes she managed to calm herself down by taking deep breaths and getting herself into a calm state of mind. I was so amazed at seeing this kind of result at a completely unexpected time!

Matteo was still downstairs and he too was struggling. He was so upset and totally scared. By this point an hour had gone by and my husband had had to go back to work. So, inspired by Chiara’s results, I sat with Matteo for over 45 minutes and did deep breathing exercises with him and then read him a Relax Kids guided meditation. Eventually he managed to open his mouth and let me carry out the test.

So, after this experience today, I was reminded once more of why I chose to become a coach. I was reminded of the amazing difference that mindfulness has on children and the difference that coaching makes.

I haven’t been very vocal yet on my socials about my children mindfulness and wellbeing coaching but what happened today inspired me to reach out to parents out there who believe mindfulness and coaching can help their children – if this story is striking a chord, I would love to connect.

Good night everyone!

Love, Ren

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