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How much do we prioritise our own wellbeing?

One of my biggest messages that I share with those I work with is to actively prioritise your wellbeing... I guess this is easier said than done!

And what does wellbeing really mean, I hear you ask?!

For me, wellbeing is about - above all - your own relationship with yourself. It's about understanding who you are and what you truly want. It's an inner journey that never ends, for we are constantly changing and evolving as human beings. It's a self-discovery path that allows us to accept who we are and find our purpose and inner peace.

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced - and continue to face - is getting caught up in the hamster wheel of life. We are so busy with work/family/loved ones that we don't seem to stop except from exhaustion. Almost as if we didn't have a choice. But my invitation to you is to ask yourself "do I have a choice in this?" - "what if I say no?!".

When it comes to wellbeing, I think that the key to finding inner peace is to STOP. Have a break, allow yourself to reflect and take stock of where you are and where you are heading.

I often joke about this because, in a work environment, we easily see teams and leaders analysing performance and direction but we don't quite hear our friends say that their weekend plans are all about checking how their life is going and performing. Yet, it is in those moments of calm and tranquillity that reflection naturally occurs and we finally get a taste of inner peace.

Here for my bias piece - whether by booking yourself on one of my day retreats, 2 hours workshops or my 1-2-1 coaching packages, book yourself some down time. It's not about having the luxury to rest, it's about investing in your own wellbeing.

My next events are all based in Lancashire: 14.11, 28.11 and 12.12.2021 whereas my coaching packages can be delivered both online or in person in Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

Love, always


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