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Marathon training – only 3 weeks to go!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Today, for the very first time since training for my marathon, I was without my personal trainer. This was a massive game changer for me and I felt quite anxious about it for days leading up to this morning.

Thankfully, my husband helped me and ran as far as he could go with me, 14 miles to be precise, which I think is amazing given the fact that he hasn’t been training for a marathon week-in, week-out. When he couldn’t run any longer, he went to get our children and they surprised me by cheering me on from the car or from different spots where they knew I’d run by.

At 17 miles, for the first time, I hit a massive wall, figuratively speaking of course. I didn’t think I could carry on, I cried and felt very sorry for myself. Everything was hurting and my mind was trying to prove me right by saying that, of course, the sensible thing to do would be to stop. Then, when I ran past my house, my husband gave me some fresh water, some Pretzel crackers and Jelly babies and told me that he knew I could do the last 4 miles loop. Well, I am sat here now and I have broken a new personal limit – I have run 21 miles.

And, of course, what he did was to be a coach and remind me that I had the ability to do it – he released my strength. This is exactly what I do for others when I have the privilege to coach them but sometimes we just need a little helping hand ourselves to remember that in the mind there are no limits other than the ones we have built for ourselves.

So, I am feeling more inspired than ever, on my journey as a life coach and on my journey training for my Endurance Life Marathon on 03.10.2020!

Thank you for everyone who is following me, believing in me and supporting a fantastic cause!

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