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Self compassion and self appreciation in children

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As a mother, some of the values that I often tried to pass onto my children have been to be kind to others, modest and thoughtful. I have therefore spent a lot of time teaching my children how to love others.

Since starting my coaching journey with children I have realised how little time, as parents, we spend teaching our children how to appreciate themselves, their qualities and how to look after themselves.

The picture below shows some star cards that I picked from a Relax Kids card game I play with children where I get them to talk about their qualities and what they are proud of about themselves. I have found this activity eye opening and very humbling and it has changed the way I relate to my own children.

Self compassion, self belief and self love all flourish when we are children and learning these skills early on in life gives us an amazing head start.

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