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About Wren Coaching

Wren Coaching & Wellbeing is a coaching practice based in Colne, Lancashire.

It is a business founded to support families, young children, teenagers, individuals and organisations who need help with relationships, change, adversity and mental health.

Wren Coaching & Wellbeing offers early intervention and prevention of mental health issues through coaching and mindfulness both privately and through organisations.

My Mission Statement:

Supporting families, young children, teenagers, individuals and organisations who need help with relationships, change, adversity and mental health.

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My values are what underpin everything I do and form the foundation of my practice:

AUTHENTICITY - I have chosen this value because I believe in being true to myself and in helping others do the same. No matter the age of my clients, from as early as reception in primary school, individuals start to develop a negative relationship with themselves, seeking outside recognition to appreciate themselves and criticising their shortfalls and their inabilities. Learning to live our life accepting ourselves and representing who we truly are is at the heart of our own wellbeing and the basis for strong mental health.

TRUST - Confidentiality, reliability and integrity define the qualities that you can expect from working together, whether our contract is personal or professional. Guided by a strict ethical code of conduct, you can trust that I will create a safe environment for my clients to explore their problems and overcome their challenges. My role as a Coach is to create the appropriate conditions to make my clients feel at ease and able to open up to me.

EMPOWERMENT - Coaching is a practice that enables individuals to release their potential by unlocking their own inner strength and wisdom. It empowers people to trust themselves and learn how to make their own decisions. As a Coach, I will not be advising my clients on what to do but I will guide them to learn how to rely on themselves to make the decisions that best serve them.

PROFESSIONALISM - This value is something that I have adopted in all my working career. I want my clients to know that I am a professional, certified, coach who has studied and qualified to help them with their challenges. I want my clients to trust me and to know that I am reliable which is why I advocate for professionalism in everything I do and no matter the age of my clients.

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Corporate Responsibility

Since founding my own business, I have been blessed in meeting a variety of inspiring individuals and organisations who care about making a positive impact in our society. Being passionate about the prevention of mental health and early intervention when challenges arise, I have become an Enterprise Advisor for a local college, Marsden Heights, as well as supporting a variety of local charities: P.A.C., Pendleside Hospice, Advocacy Focus, H.A.P.P.A. to name a few.

I have a special interest in working with charities as I believe that many of these organisations share similar cultures and values as Wren Coaching & Wellbeing.

I also believe that as businesses, we all have a duty of care for our community and a moral obligation in supporting those in need. If you are interested in how to support any of these charities or find out more about what they do, you can click on any of their logos below and it will take you to their page. You can also read more about the services I offer by clicking on my Working with Charities Page.

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