More about me - your wellbeing and life coach

I wanted to share with you an insight into my journey and motivations to becoming a certified Life and Wellbeing Coach. I'm based in Colne but can work online across the UK.


​My Qualifications

Certificate in Wellbeing Coaching

British School of Coaching 2021

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring 

British School of Coaching 2020

Certificate in Management Studies 

Blackburn College 2007

First class degree in Modern Languages, French & Spanish  The University of Manchester 2006

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Renata walking

Hi, I am Renata, founder of Wren Coaching... 

It is a little hard to summarise in a few words my story so far but I’ll give it my best shot! Or if you are all about saving time, you can hear my story on this podcast.

I am someone who has always been drawn to helping people and connecting with them and this is true for anybody who knows me as Ren, their friend, sister or daughter or as Renata, in my professional capacity.

When I was 15 years old, my parents were brave enough to let me go and explore the world at a young age, which took me from Naples, in Italy, to Cambridge and eventually to Colne in Lancashire, a few years later! My fascination for communication and connection first took me in the direction of studying languages at the University of Manchester and later branching into customer facing roles and leadership.

Throughout my leadership career, I discovered the challenges of being a busy leader, a busy mum of two, a busy wife, a busy friend, sister and daughter. Despite having an amazing support network, I still struggled with finding a balance and enjoying what I already had. What I had longed for in terms of family and career was finally there yet I couldn’t enjoy it.

Renata marathon

My breaking point was one Monday morning, it was 09.30am and I had a meltdown. I remember thinking “I just can’t do this anymore, I can’t be in tears so early on a Monday morning!”. My head was spinning with work problems and my perspective had gone. Thankfully I had already worked with a life coach so I decided to get in touch with her: I knew inside me things couldn’t be as bad as they felt but I needed someone who could help me see this with my own eyes.


That was my turning point. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the speed of life and by everything I had to keep up with but receiving coaching released a strength, determination and clarity of thought that I didn’t know resided in me. It transformed the way I relate to myself, to my own children and to my loved ones. It made me finally admit to myself that I wasn’t happy with the life I was leading despite the status my former job gave me and it made me dig deep to figure out what I actually wanted to do as a grown up! Coaching has, ultimately, allowed me to enjoy life a lot more than I ever did.

Renata studying

This is why I eventually decided to go back to studying and I qualified in coaching, mentoring and wellbeing through the British School of Coaching, it was my time to give back to life and to people. Later on in the journey, throughout lockdown, I took the opportunity to further my research and training into children’s wellbeing and emotional resilience and I qualified as a wellbeing coach through Relax Kids. Having two young children of my own, I have enjoyed linking my adult coaching studies to the world of children.


In August 2020, I created my own coaching practice, Wren Coaching, to help people who are caught up in the hamster wheel of life to stop and regain balance and perspective. I work with both adults and children and I am on a mission to support, encourage and motivate them in realising they are mighty in themselves, just as they are. Having witnessed myself what transformation coaching can bring into your life, I now want to return the favour to people out there!