Multilingual coaching and wellbeing services provided to adults, children and businesses in person in Colne, across the North West of England and online nationally.


Welcome to Wren Coaching & Wellbeing, I am Renata, an experienced and qualified life and wellbeing coach helping adults and children with mindset, self-esteem and confidence.

I offer a wide variety of services in person across the North-West of England and online nationally. I individually tailor every service with the aim of supporting you to lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

I provide 1-2-1 coaching to adults, family coaching to support you and your children and I offer 'Relax Kids' programs in school clubs, youth centres and across charities. 

My 'Just Relax' classes are held online nationally and provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, explore topics that help you reconnect with yourself and take some quality relaxation time in the comfort of your own home. I also deliver my group mindfulness and relaxation programs in person in Colne and across the North-West of England.

If you are a business owner or involved in an organisation, I offer my services to suit groups or individuals with professional development and all sessions can be tailored to meet your goals.

I am able to offer all the above services in four different languages; English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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Love Yourself

What I believe in

I believe in the mighty strength we all have as human beings and in our capacity to overcome life challenges. I also believe in our stubbornness to ignore our needs as human beings, acting out as superheroes and forgetting to take care of ourselves.


The more caring and giving we are towards others, the easier it is to forget about our own needs and energy levels.

Having experienced the crazy speed of life as someone who wants to do it all without looking after herself first, I am now on a mission to help individuals reflect, resolve and restart.


My job is to support, encourage and motivate people in realising they are mighty in themselves, just as they are, and that the solution is much closer than they think.

Studying at Home

What are current clients saying?


"I recently had the opportunity to be coached by Renata and would highly recommend her to anyone. She gives you the time and space to understand and assess what you need. She helps you to put order in your thoughts and priorities to discover what you want and set up your next goals. She motivates and supports you to become stronger, empowered and offers you tools to continue your next steps!"

"This is one of the kindest things I have done for myself in a long time. Although I didn’t know quite what to expect I was so surprised to find that I cleared my mind from the stresses of the day and actually switched off!
I felt extremely comfortable with the sessions and was pleasantly surprised."

“Wren coaching offers a unique and refreshing approach both to children and adults. I have seen both in action and can
highly recommend.

Her wellbeing sessions are great, unique and different to others on the market. They always end with a guided meditation (story telling whilst you close your eyes and relax) I love this part.”