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Teenager Coaching

Helping teenagers dealing with their emotions and their relationship with themselves
Why do teenagers need coaching?

As a coach working with children and adults, I am always amazed about the similarities in challenges that both age groups face. Self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-esteem are at the heart of our relationship with ourselves. We are taught from an early age about how to act in society and in relation to other people but what about learning how to be with ourselves?

When it comes to adolescence, it is particularly challenging for people to cope with change within themselves. Working with a coach on topics such as self-esteem, confidence, dealing with pressure and dealing with anxiety provides individuals the opportunity to open up in a safe environment and establish a healthier relationship with themselves and, consequently, with the outside world.

What problems can coaching help my child with?

At the heart of our perception of life is our relationship with ourselves. From a very early age, children develop critical and negative self-talk and often hide or suppress their feelings, hoping that problems will simply go away. This can result in anger, anxiety, stress and low self-esteem or it can go into a different direction such as craving outside recognition, a constant desire to please people or the feeling of needing achievements in order to love ourselves.


Through my gentle approach of coaching and mindfulness, children and teenagers can improve their self-esteem and their overall relationship with themselves, working towards becoming their own friends and supporters. This in turn creates the foundations for a stronger mental health and it increases their resilience when it comes to dealing with every day’s life challenges.


For a teenager trying to navigate a world that is constantly changing, it can be an incredible tool to work with a coach and feel that there is someone out there to listen and not judge.

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What will my involvement be as a parent?

Whenever I work with children and adolescents, I also work with parents. The initial consultation will always be with the adult and so will my contract of work.


Here is what you can expect from initial contact to delivering sessions:

  • Initial contact through social media or website/email

  • Receive a response within 24 hours

  • Book a video-call, phone call or a meeting in person to discuss your initial needs.

  • Book a video-call or a meeting in person with you and your child for initial introductions.

  • Receive a contract to sign digitally with cost and policy details.

  • Start sessions, typically weekly or fortnightly with your child.

  • Follow up calls after every session to discuss progress and feedback.

Teenagers in Park
How much does coaching cost for adolescents?

In person - £60 per session in Colne, Lancashire.

In person - £75 per session within 10 miles of Colne, Lancashire.

Online - £50 per session

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