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Group Coaching,
Workshops and Team Building

Helping businesses thrive by investing in their employees' wellbeing
Business Coaching

Whilst coaching is typically associated with the world of sport, it is now a discipline that is widely used in organisations to support staff’s self-development and wellbeing and enhance performance.
Prior to my change of career, I worked in leadership within an international manufacturing background. It was through my development as a leader that I discovered the amazing impact that coaching could make and, literally, fell in love with it! Whilst learning about how to lead individuals and teams, I learnt the power of releasing potential rather than directing people and always giving them the answers to their problems.

How can coaching help my organisation?

From the need to improve individuals’ performance to the desire to empower middle management and executives, coaching helps organisations in releasing potential and creating clarity of thought. At the heart of coaching is the ability to get to the root of a problem, enabling individuals to overcome barriers and achieve goals.
Coaching helps organisations by empowering their employees, releasing potential and increasing staff retention. It also has a positive impact on personnel’s mental health, particularly on a 1-2-1 basis.


What are the benefits of using a coach?

Organisations typically employ a coach to help with:

•    Staff continuing professional development
•    Lack of confidence
•    Goal setting
•    Managing stress
•    Performing under pressure
•    Increase resilience

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How much does it cost?

My employees’ self-development packages are £1000 per individual based on 6 sessions within a 10 miles radius of Colne, Lancashire. Online packages are available at £900 per person.

Are the sessions individual or team based?

My employee’s self-development packages are based on an individual basis. I typically work closely with HR and line managers to understand the employee’s needs and the desired outcome from the coaching sessions. In order to maximise your investment as a business, I always recommend that you discuss the prospect of employing a coach and explain the benefits of it with your employees. Ensuring that the individuals are willing to go on a coaching journey and changing specific aspects of their work forms the foundation for change.

Group coaching

I also deliver group coaching sessions, starting from £250 per workshop in person if based in Colne or online.

 For any workshops outside of the Colne area, I can provide individual quotes. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Wellbeing is such a buzz word at the moment but what does it really mean? For organisations, it goes all the way back to the employees’ health, mental state, engagement with the overall values and commitments and, ultimately, their performance.

Businesses can support employees in a variety of ways and coaching is an excellent practice to support their mental state, motivation and performance. Below is a list of my business wellbeing services.

Employees wellbeingmindfulness and relaxation sessions.
If you are looking to provide your employees with a tool to switch off and have the opportunity to recharge, my mindfulness and relaxation sessions are ideal.

They are delivered in person within a 10 miles radius of Colne, Lancashire, or they can be delivered online nationally and internationally.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and they are based on a 7 steps approach, moving from high energy to low energy and teaching individuals a variety of techniques to let go of stress, pressure, anxiety and improve their confidence and self esteem. Every session is based on a specific topic and contains an element of group coaching.

Image by Nadine Shaabana
How much do your mindfulness and relaxation sessions cost?

The cost to businesses in Colne starts at £250 per session for up to 8 candidates.

Monthly packages as well as online sessions are also available, please get in touch to discuss.

Employees wellbeing – a deeper dive
 Explore culture, values, employees’ engagement, middle management and leadership.

Wellbeing is a topic that is intrinsically linked to the foundations of individuals and businesses.
If you are looking for a solution that can go deeper and have a more lasting impact, my deeper dive package is a great solution. 


In association with local consultancy and training providers, I deliver a holistic approach when it comes to organisational wellbeing, working with your management team to identify areas for improvement in workplace culture, staff retention, performance and talent management.


Please get in touch to discuss your needs in more details and for a personalised quote.  


Team building workshops

I have worked with teams for my whole career, both as a team member, a team leader and a Coach.

Group coaching is incredibly powerful and it can bring teams together, create new perspectives and generate problem solving.

My workshops are based on specific topics from which organisations can choose. Popular themes to explore are: confidence, resilience, productivity, learning to listen, perfectionism and dealing with pressure.

If your business is based in Lancashire, I can suggest locations for away days or I can come to your premises. Typically, for team building I would recommend taking the team out to give them the opportunity to commit themselves fully to the sessions.

Team Task
How much do team building workshops cost?


Half days - £300
Full day - £500

Prices are based on face to face delivery in Colne. 

Please get in touch to discuss different locations.

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