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A Spring Healing Day Retreat
Saturday 25.03.2023 - The Rewilding, Lancaster

In nature, spring is a time for sowing and awakening which is the theme of our spring day retreat. Drawing a parallel with our own lives, this retreat will focus on planting seeds in our lives and making space for the growth to come.


Join us for a day of rest, reflection, healing and awakening.


Hosted by Wren Coaching & Wellbeing in participation with Author Barbara Gianquitto, you can expect mindfulness, meditation and creative writing as well as being surrounded by nature and being nurtured by great company and nutritious food.

This day retreat will take place at a beautiful venue, The Rewilding, completely immersed in nature.


The day will consist of:

  • A mindfulness and relaxation session

  • A group coaching session

  • A walk in the woodlands

  • A creative writing workshop

  • A nutritious lunch

  • Watching the tide come in

The day will run from 10am to 4.30pm but you are welcome to arrive from 9.30am and enjoy a welcome hot drink. Please wear warm comfy clothes, suitable for walking outside and getting muddy or wet.

Meet your hosts

Ren: Life & Wellbeing Coach, Founder of Wren Coaching & Wellbeing

I am passionate about helping people live a more fulfilling life and my mission is to help both adults and children with relationships, change, adversity and mental health.


Barbara: Poet and Author


Barbara Gianquitto is a poet, writer and author of the
best-selling poetry collections '4:04am Thoughts' and
'Awakening of the Heart'.


Barbara leads creative writing workshops online and in person designed to dive deeper into those parts of us that are waiting to emerge.

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If you have special dietary requirements,
please get in touch with Ren by 25.02.2023:
We can't wait to welcome you.
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