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Happy new year’s eve

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Since starting Wren Coaching, at times I felt under pressure to be present on social media, to write with a certain regularity, to post certain content… But as often in my life, it was through a coaching conversation that I had an insight: I don’t HAVE to do anything!

Over the last few weeks I decided to let go of my own rules about how often I should be writing and posting and I decided to only write when I feel like sharing something.

Tonight, as I look outside and the snow has started falling again, I reflect on the meaning of new year’s eve, the tradition of years gone by, what 2020 has brought and what 2021 might bring.

I observe the world through my WhatsApp, receiving texts from my friends and family all recreating a special moment in their own way and with whom they are allowed to share. I see traditions being recreated in the search for the comfort that has been taken away. Pictures of banquets for one or two, pictures of those who are far away and can’t be here, pictures of those who are around the corner but feel just as far tonight.

Yet, most importantly, I see the strength and resilience that always emerges when we least expect it. I see the inventiveness, ingenuity and creativity that flourishes in spite of our mixed feelings and I am inspired: we are always capable of so much more than we believe.

My wish for you tonight is to contemplate on what 2020 has brought to you in spite of adversity and for you to find peace, hope and solace in the support and love out there, however intangible it might feel tonight.

I am incredibly grateful for all I have received this year because it has made me appreciate the present moments so much more than before.

May 2021 bring you good health, love and peace above all.


Ren xx

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